Mango Jalapeno Grill Pies


1 mango, peeled and cut into 1/4″ slices
1/4 tsp minced jalapeno
2 Tbs sugar
Additional sugar for sprinkling on top of pie.

Preheat your grill until it reaches 400 degrees, (medium heat on a gas grill usually works best). Lightly coat the mangoes with cooking spray and place on the grill, cooking for approximately 5 minutes. Then remove and place in a bowl.

Cut 5″ circles out of each crust (I use the lid from a #10 size coffee can. Each disc of pastry should yield 3-4 pastry shells.

Add jalapenos and sugar to the mangoes. Gently mix.

Carefully spoon the mango filling into your pastry shell, taking care to keep the filling at least 1/4″ from the edge of your shell. Wet one side of the pastry with your finger, and fold the shell together. Crimp with a fork and sprinkle with sugar.

Add your pies to the grill, cooking each side until brown (7-10 minutes per side).

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