Poached Lobster with Lemon Infused Drawn Butter

Lobster can be tricky. Because it’s the dominant muscle the animal uses for propelling themselves through the water it’s lean, and overcooks easily. Throughout history, these overcooked/rubbery lobsters were considered food for the peasants and workers. However, with proper care, this rubbery dry meat can be turned into a delicacy.

The key to a [...]

REAL sandwich cookies

One of my first published holiday recipes. This originated as a way to get past all the transfat is traditional sandwich cookies. The white chocolate ganache makes for a decadent filling!

Part 1

Part 2

Cookie Dough:

1/2 cup butter at room temperature1/2 cup granulated sugar1 large egg1 cup unsweetened Dutch Cocoa Powder – [...]

Where’s Tom?

You MAY have noticed I’ve been absent as of late. The Mrs. and I just gave birth to baby #3, and I’ve taken a little time off to get things situated on the homefront. I WILL, however, be posting older holiday recipes throughout the month.

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!