Picnic Safety

Ahh summertime, we venture from our homes to brave the wild outdoors, and bring along our food. Food eaten outdoors just tastes better! However, outdoor eating is not without risks. With a few precautions, you’ll have a safe time outdoors!

The biggest offender when outdoors is serving food that hasn’t been chilled properly. Studies [...]

Such an honor


I was humbled to be nominated. I’m completely shocked to have won.

Thanks to all who voted for me to win the Choice in Future award. I could not have done it without you.

Dealing with Bad Luck in the Kitchen – the Friday the 13th edition

Working in the kitchen is not without it’s follies! A little know how, and preparation, however can turn the tides of bad luck!

Bad Luck #1: Fire Kitchen fires are surprisingly common, particularly grease fires. It’s important to be prepared, because at one point or another, the mixture of heat and combustible materials is [...]