Choice in Future Award

Wow, so humbled.

I recently got a call informing me that I’m one of four finalists chosen as a “Choice In Future” as selected by the Utah’s Entertainment and Choice Awards.

Per the website: “The award is given to those individuals or businesses that display extraordinary tenacity, ambition, and fortitude for achievement in [...]

Crispy Belgian Waffles - perfect for Mother's Day

I hunt through restaurants for a perfect waffle like a pig hunts through the forests of France for truffles. Good crispy waffles with a lively flavor profile are just as rare, and just as valuable.

Here is my problem with modern day waffles. In an effort to turn out waffles as quickly as possible, [...]

Lebanese Easter Bread

This is a MONSTER recipe designed to give bread to your brothers, sisters, cousins, and neighbors. The “little sun” look of the bread is a reminder that spring has arrived! There is a regional ingredient called “Mahleb” in this recipe (also called Mahlep, and mahlepi). Mahleb is the inner pulp of the St. [...]


The egg, one of the most nutritional complete items on the planet? Why, because the sole purpose of the egg is to provide nourishment to the embryo. It’s designed to be food. The protein in an egg is so complete that the only whole food that absorbs into the body better is breast milk. [...]