It’s time to talk Turkey

When I was younger my grandmother teased me by calling me Tom Turkey, a nickname I have yet to outlive. The nickname tends to emerge like the phoenix every year as male turkeys find their way into grocery stores, only to see it burn in a flame of nothingness shortly after Thanksgiving. I can [...]

Chocolate Bouchon


Hi, I’m Tom, and I’m a recipe tweaker. It’s pretty rare that I find a written recipe and I don’t feel the need to change it. Sometimes it’s the technique, other times it’s removing or adding an ingredient to get a more flavorful product. The following recipe was originally written by one of my [...]

Molecular Gastronomy 101

The molecular gastronomy trend is astounding. The understanding of different thickeners, thinners, foamers an emulsiers has allowed chefs to push the creative boundaries.

The amazing thing? You can make dishes like this at home!

Here are a few trends in Molecular Gastronomy:

Spherification The act of turning liquids such as fruit juices into gelled [...]

Which pan is best for you?

I originally put this post together for a Good Things Utah segment, but realized I never actually posted the information on my site.

So…. Choosing the right set of pans is a smart investment. With proper care and usage, they’ll last your entire life!

When buying a new pan, consider the following metals?

Copper: [...]