Kitchen Gadgets found at the International Housewares Show

So today on Good Things Utah we focused on some items I discovered at the International Housewares Show.

Item 1: Sushezi (Pronounced Sushi-zee) -I LOVE this thing. I have a hard time rolling sushi, something about having massive hands, and very poor fine motor skills. This device acts as a mold for the rice, and includes an easy way to add your inner sushi contents. I made a dessert sushi roll using rice krispy treats, licorice, foot by the foot and apple fruit roll ups for the segment. They look GREAT!

Item 2: iSi Easy Whip – Think of the seltzer water sprayed by the clown in old time movies. It’s a similar concept, but uses a CO2 canister to carbonate the contents of the bottle. The thing so handy about this particular product is instead of whipping cream, you can just regular cream in the container, charge it and dispense whipped cream whenever you need it. No whipping required. It also works great for making other types of foams as well (more on that later). It’s also available at specialty stores and runs around $50.00 for the whipper and $10 for a pack of 10 CO2 chargers. We also played around with the $100 version called the “Creative Whip.” The whipped cream in the Easy Whip was all sorts of easy. The whipped Bearnaise we included was INCREDIBLE.

Item 3: Sous Vide Supreme – This is essentially a water oven that allows you to cook meats, fish, veggies under vacuum at a temperature accurate within 0.5 degrees. It runs $449 at Sur La Table, and turns cheap cuts of meat into tenderloin like texture. I cooked a piece of sirloin at 140 degrees for 2 hours, turning it into a soft and tender piece of meat that rivals ANY tenderloin. I’ve also played around with veggies in it, and they had spectacular results. The yams I cooked were soft and tender but not crumbly. I love this!

Item 4: Microplane Gourmet Grater and Gourmet Ultra Coarse Grater – two great ways to get a restaurant quality grade. $16.99 for the Parmesan Grater, and $19.99 for the Ultra Course Grater. Both are available now.

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