Root Vegetable Bisque

With fall upon us, root vegetables are available in the height of their freshness. In this recipe, ingredients such as turnips, long since thought of as working mans’ cuisine are transformed into a rich and delicate palette pleasing bisque.

Ingredients:2 lbs turnips2 lbs yams1 qt of low sodium chicken stock2 shallots – [...]

Sour Creme Brulee

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Creme Brulee. Most restaurants make the same version with little or no creativity. It always ends up a rich vanilla custard covered in burned white sugar. In a nutshell, it’s boring. However, by introducing a little sour cream to the custard, it adds an exciting flavor profile [...]

Pot Roast Nicoise

I LOVE the flavors of a good pot roast. The trick is to let the roast sit at roughly 210 for an hour or so. At this temperature the connective tissues (glycogen) transform into gelatin, coating the long protein strands of normally tough meat, and turning them into tender morsels of deliciousness.

This version [...]

Prosciutto and Sage Popover

This is one of those happy surprises I discovered while playing around in the kitchen. I’ve always been a big fan of popovers, but struggled to create the right flavor balance. When I add nothing, I get bored. But I didn’t want a full meal either. I had some leftover prosciutto from another recipe, [...]