Quantity vs. Videos

You may have noticed I’ve been a little short on instructional videos lately. There is a project I’ve taken on that requires 30 original recipes by the middle of October. Unfortunately, I’m spending all my time developing recipes, with no time to shoot videos. The good news, is that you’re getting the benefit of all the dishes. The bad news, you have to READ how to make them (Rough, I know).

Don’t worry, once the project is over, I’ll resume my regularly scheduled video tapings!

3 comments to Quantity vs. Videos

  • aLi

    cool, Tom!!! How did you get hooked up to do a deal like this? Who/What is it through?

  • Cook with Tom

    Hey Ali,
    It's for a contest I entered, but I can't give details yet. I hate to admit that I have LOTS of recipes, but when I'm in the kitchen, I rarely use measuring cups/spoons. So, I'm going back and taking most of my dishes and actually measuring what goes into them. Crazy, I know!

  • G'pa and G'ma Woody

    I am glad the big secret is out…. and EXCITED to hear about your results….when do we hear anything? love, MOM

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