Obligatory first blog post

After years of working in the kitchen I decided it’s FINALLY time to share the skills, and recipes with the world…

Are you tired of soggy crusted homemade pizza? Sick of grilled chicken that is burnt on the outside, but undercooked on the inside?

I’ve always loved to tweak recipes. When I was five, I was tired of the basic peanut butter and jelly on white bread, so I added a teaspoon of sugar and put it on a hamburger bun. Although a simple change, I ate a lot more PB&J from then on.

Look for short videos showing simple homemade recipes with a twist. Imagine basic chicken noodle soup, but turned up to eleven through the use of special ingredients and simple techniques. It’s EASY to turn the basics that you know and love into fantastic dishes. All it takes is a little know how!

You’ll never look at basic food the same!

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